Hong Kong inspiration: quilting for grown ups

I have never in my entire life seen as many luxury items adorning the shoulders/ears/backs/feet of people as in Hong Kong.  At the risk of massively generalising, the Chinese are absolutely BANANAS for any and all luxury brands – prices are higher in Honkers than the States, but even so lots and lots of Chinese from the Mainland come over to HK on hols to stock up on their Prada and Gucci as I think the tax is lower here than the rest of China.  Scenes like this are pretty common, for instance (in fact this is waaaay too orderly):


I’m not one to go for the luxury brands personally (partly a lack of desire and partly a lack of wonga, ha) but I have to say I’ve started to notice them more, particularly the gorgeousness of the quilted Chanel bags (‘uh oh’ thinks the hubs, if he’s reading this):


Quilting, as opposed to tufting (if it has a million buttons all over it, it is TUFTED people – there seems to be some confusion out there!), is still quite unusual in the interior design world, although fairly commonplace in the land of fashion, and even spilling over into wedding design etc.  But one leading brand that has been embracing all things quilted for a couple of years now is the fabulous Ligne Roset, with their Ruché sofa and bed:


So here are a few more ideas, in case this trend has tickled your fancy (Ruché sofa below left):

LOVING this quilted letterpress stationery!!

And these wall treatments are pretty insane too:

Whilst hunting down these images for y’all I also came across a bunch of these crazy cats – yeeshk, I’m not after this type of quilting…


And here’s a round up of the best quilted products in the shops right now – I guess strictly the pendants and wallpaper are ‘tufted’ but you know what, they were too good to leave out.

{from top left: pendants, sofa, wallpaper, balloon chair, bed, bar stool, armchair, wall treatment}

So what do you think of this trend?  Would you embrace quilted furniture or would you rather leave it to Chanel?!


  1. So this is why all the European capitals are full of Chinese shopping in LV, Chanel, etc? Hmmm…I am very into that Ruché bed, Elly, but I have still did not understand the difference between quilted and tufted from the process of creating point of view, I can see the difference between pendants and the chair, bed, sofa, but the process…? I think Chanel knows it better (than me) with all these phenomenal handbags, but I would’t say no to a sofa, a bed or a chair :))))))))))

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Elly, so happy to hear that you’ve finally found your dress, such a relief, i am sure its just gorgeous! I love the quilted look, its is amazing how different art forms just blend into and inspire each other. I currently have a pin tuck quilted headboard and would love to add a chair to that too. I must agree with you on brand loving in HK…I even took a photo of the LV store, lol. If you can’t go in and buy, stay outside and snap a pic, right?

  3. Natasha says:

    I’m loving the texture… I think it can be pulled off! Though am also loving more the quilted white jacket. Wowsers – very cool. I saw some LV fabric wallpaper today that they are going mental for in China… I’m not so sure.

    Don’t think it’s ever in a hubbie’s interest to rave about luxury brands 😉

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