It’s all in the styling – console tables

So as I’ve mentioned a couple of times I’m coming to the end of my current project now, and am starting to think about how to get the best images from it for my portfolio.

I am definitively not the best photographer of all time (any pro photographers in Hong Kong willing to extend mate’s rates to a poor designer?!) so seriously need to think about the styling of the spaces as this seems to be almost as important as the schemes themselves.

I’ve been studying a whole bunch of inspiration piccies to get some hints and tips and thought today I would share with you lovely lot some ideas for styling entryway console tables.

The formula seems to be pretty standard: artwork/mirror + lamp + dish for keys etc. +  plant/flowers + scattered interesting knick knacks + storage/seat underneath.  As with all styling it’s a question of curating your collection of bits and bobs to ensure it’s not too cluttered and still very functional.

So anyway, here are some of my fave images out there right now.  Which style do you folks prefer – the serious, stylish look or the fun bright pops of colour…?

Love these two vignettes with the symmetrical lamps:

And you can’t go wrong with a gallery wall!

Helllllo to the black/white zebra and chevrons here:

And this vignette by Windsor Smith KILLS ME every single time I see it:

And a few all natural options to finish with:


If I manage to get my client’s entryway looking even a tenth as stylish I will be happy!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I would looove to do your pics for free, if only I’d be living in Honkers! These schemes look so gorgeous, my fave might be the one with the butterflies and symmetrical lamps; absolutely stunning!

  2. Sam says:

    My mum is going to LOVE this post, off to show it too her, she’s always looking for ideas for styling all the different entrance and side tables in our home. I loved the idea of the bright pink wall and my favourites are both the pictures with the black wellington boots, its more to my style, very chic and minimalist, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Elly, they are all amazing, I can not say this one is my favorite, cause all of them look so great. I really learned something today and now I know what is missing in my hallway, the lamp and the plant…You are so lucky to have studied interior design!

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