On my radar…

Ok ok, I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record but HOW THE HELL IS IT THE END OF AUGUST??!  Only two weeks until I head home for a long needed catch up with friends and familia and I can’t wait!!

Anyway, so here’s my round up of things that have been ringing my bell this month.  I’m quite hankering after the current neon trend, particularly the scarlets and fuchsias, as you may be able to tell…

This red wire pendant light has had me all in a tizzy for a little while now.  As have these new Anthro decadent indigo curtains.  My hunt for the perfect gallery wall continues – this neon pink print, pineapple print and Chinese dragon print are looking pretty fun!  I have been lusting after this indigo ikat side chair for many months now – I wonder how to get it to move into my apartment…?  These afterCHOC chocolate chillies need to be sampled when we’re back home!  And this fun gold and agate cuff would look right at home on my wrist.  Last but not least, these cute quirky door knobs come in every colour of the rainbow, I challenge you to not find the one you need.

What’s been on your radar recently…?


  1. Sam says:

    Hiya dear, what i love about your blog is that you constantly introduce me to things I’ve never seen before. for instance this pendant light (sooo pretty!) are those curtains ruffled (I need that!). Afterchoc chocolate chilli – just the name sent me into a tasting tizz! Sounds so divine!

  2. Those door knobs are so nice:))) quirky, but cool, I like them all, Elly! I have already told you that I am looking for pendant lights these days and you just gave me another awesome idea about what I should be looking for. Have a lovely day, dear! :*

  3. Ohmigosh those doorknobs are too cute – I seriously need those in my life! Long sparkly necklaces used as wall hangings have been on my radar lately. They seem luck such a fashionable way to decorate!! 🙂

  4. Natasha says:

    Great finds once again Elly! And love the ikat print chair too… bit of a bargain actually. Probably wrong not to move it into your apartment! I can also tastify (hoho) that the afterCHOC chilly chocolates.are fab! Yum. Even Alistar might venture near them….

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