Monday’s Masterpiece – mastering the Moroccan vibe…

So we’re back in Singas this week and I thought that I would dedicate this week’s masterpiece to the gorgeous rooftop terrace at Pasha, just off Arab Street.  Some friends took us there on our last trip and we headed back last night for a couple of pre-dinner drinkies.

I’m seriously totally enamoured with it – think relaxed Moroccan cabanas, chilled out tunes and the most gorgeous oversize lanterns EVER!


So we were sat in the above cabana last night and I started pondering how faaaabulous one of these would look on a terrace or in a garden in a residential setting and thought I’d have a go at putting one together today!

Unlike my usual inclination towards all things colourful, I’m feeling remarkably restrained this morning…what’s happened to me?!  Anyhoo, here’s my take on an elegant silver and white exotic Moroccan cabana:

{from top left: pair of silver lanterns, Indian tent, silver lantern, wedding blanket, coffee table, silver platter, white pouf, silver pouf}

What do y’all think?  Would you opt for more colour…?


  1. I would say no to colors this time even if I have, just like you, a colors addiction. I think that if you want to obtain something elegant, you need no other color for this oriental style, so your choice is perfect, Elly! Have a lovely start of the week 😉

  2. I LOVE the Indian Tent – so beautiful!

    I have been obsessed with Morocco ever since I saw ‘Almost Famous’ and Penny Lane said she was flying to Morocco. It is such a glamorous locale! 🙂

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