Design classic (16) – the steamer trunk

Haaaappy Friday folks, what are you up to this weekend??  We’re going climbing tomorrow and then off to Singas again on Sunday – looking forward to another dose of that city!

So for today’s design classic post I thought I would take a closer look at something that’s been playing on my mind for approximately the last three years: the vintage steamer trunk.

(credit: Restoration Hardware)

Whether they’re used as a table, bar, end-of-bed-storage or simply to add a touch of vintage charm to a space, these puppies seriously have impact. I actually really dislike the ones made into chests with drawers (why would you do that to a gorgeous vintage piece?!) but the real deal trunks and suitcases are firmly lodged in my heart.  All I can say is that Restoration Hardware have a lot to answer for…

So here are my fave inspiration piccies right now:

Don’t really think it’s possible to go wrong with zebra + Señor Louis…

Love the trim on these blinds on the LHS, gorgeous!  Oh yes, AND THAT BONKERS BEAUTIFUL PILE OF VINTAGE SUITCASES:

They are a very popular choice for bedside tables – see exhibits A, B and C – perfection!

And even feature in my fave-boutique-hotel-lobby-of-all-time: the one and only Blakes in London.  Look fabulous paired with vintage bird cages too:

I used to also dislike the galvanised steel ones, but they are definitely growing on me now…

Couple of more rustic schemes:

Possibly the best bar of all time (see here for more inspiration!)

I’m ever so slightly captivated by this bananas outdoor room:

And lastly they look pretty fabulous as end-of-bed accents too!


So I hope these have tickled your fancy a little – here’s my round up of the best vintage trunks on offer right now!

{clockwise from top left: antique white canvas trunk, galvanised metal trunk, dark brown leather trunk, white/metal trunk, trio of faux croc brown leather trunks, pair of black/metal trunks, trip of faux croc black leather trunks, brown cowhide trunk, Louis Vuitton cube trunk}

Have a happy weekend peeps!xx


  1. Alexis Grace says:

    We have a small trunk next to our sofa. I really like the idea of this- especially if you are a someone of a vintage or travel mindset (I like to think myself both). Although, I would love a more impressive one in the future!

  2. Sam says:

    Ah haaa so thats what these are called, I’ve loved them all these years and had no idea that it was called a steamer trunk. I haven’t seen them in these many versions before, I can’t decide whether I prefer the vintage straight off the Titanic ones or the more modern updated pieces. Have a great weekend, sounds fun!

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