Size does matter (with artwork…)

So I’m nudging up against the end of my current project right now, and have started thinking about the final few bits n bobs such as artwork and coffee table styling (more on that next week!).  I have to say I’m still leaning towards the gallery wall idea (partly because I’m finding it impossible to find reasonably-priced artwork here – any ideas anyone??!) but have also been pondering lately the use of oversize art in interiors.

It has such punchy impact and really grabs the show, whether you use it behind a console, sofa (particularly popular it seems) or bed.

Anyway, here are some of my faves right now, let me know what you recky!

Totally enamoured with these two slightly quirky schemes – YES to the leopard and faux fur…

And these large scale photos of wild horses in the States have been sweeping the design globe recently – shot by Roberto Dutesco they are SO powerful and practically take my breath away every time I see them.


Equally fabulous with a splash of colour…

…or totally monochrome:

Another Dutesco beauty, shame about that white lamp though:

I think this one on the LHS is my fave of the lot actually – the velvets and tufting and oh so gorgeous art!!


Need to find me a good source here in Honkers, that’s for sure…


  1. I love the yellow/orange one, the last one with the sea, it is such a wonderful thing to have the sea always with you and the black modern ones, just a splash of black or some black lines on a white canvas! Have an amazing day, Elly! :*

  2. Alexis Grace says:

    I am a BIG fan of oversized art. I have a piece that is something like 3′ X 4′ that made a huge statement in my old kitchen. I haven’t hung it in my new place yet— but I will soon enough! Pieces this large can be expensive. So what I did was blow up a photo that a friend too and had it professionally framed. It always gets great feedback and was such a cost efficient way to fill a wall….

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