Luscious lighting

I’ve come across a couple of increds lighting options recently, and thought I should share them with you lovely lot.  There will always be a (cavernous) space in my heart for a quirky chandie or pendant light.

First up is Curiousa & Curiousa with their fun jewel-toned pendants – made to order in 5 shapes and 14 colours, you can’t really go wrong.  They’d look so fantastic in a hallway or over a dining table, love!

And secondly is my first true (interior design) love: Ochre.   I have been swooning big time over pretty much their entire collection over the years, and came across this insane ‘seed cloud’ chandie a little while ago now.  With four different sizes of deliciousness, they truly are le bee’s knees:

And it just keeps on getting better…

Pretty fabulous, no?!

Have you come across anything that made your jaw hit the floor recently…?


  1. Alistair says:

    Yes, I was quite unnerved by the skinned pig’s face we saw hanging outside a HK butchers. Other than that, nothing to quite match the teardrop chandeliers.

  2. Sam says:

    Ohh the jeweled toned pendants look like pretty pieces of jewellery, they are so lovely. I am thinking that these light fittings will look really great for an evening event like a party or wedding, wonder if you can hire them anywhere? I am loving Japanese bird cages, they have only become a craze now in Safrica, but they are sooo charming.

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