Monday’s Masterpiece – English charm

So what with the Jubilee, Wimbles and Olympics fever recently sweeping the globe, I have to admit I’ve been having a few pangs for Blighty.  Of course we miss our family and friends while we’re away, but I think this is the first time I’ve actually been a little homesick since I left London in 2009.  But no fear, we’re heading home at the end of September for two of our besties’ wedding, and I am very much looking forward to getting my London on again and catching up on everything I’ve missed in the 9 months since we’ve been home.  Can’t waaait!

So anyhoo…..I came across the West London-based Godrich Interiors recently and thought that I could do with a blast of the Brits today.  They seem to effortlessly create schemes with a ‘quintessentially British flavour’ (their words, not mine) that look like they’ve come together over many years rather than as planned on a designer’s desk.

See for yourselves…

A mix of this and pic #4 are pretty much my dream kitchen – farmhouse sink alert:

Looooove these deep jewel-toned velvets – absolutely divine for a library or study in a dark wood.

Are these Tulip stools?!  Does such a thing exist? Aha, yes it does – detest Tulip chairs, totally head over heels for Tulip stools…

Such a cute little girl’s room – what I would have done for a mini princess’ bed like this!

Another cracking kitchen, and can you get any more English than an aga?! I think not.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous:

They really have a knack for displaying collections of objets effectively – such a simple concept here but it really works well:

Serene and beautiful:

And these two living rooms are seriously le bee’s knees too:

Godrich Interiors also have quite a substantial portfolio of the interiors of properties in the Spanish and Italian islands.  (If I’m honest, I think I probably miss these gems more than England – is that bad??!)  Just take a look at these quirky yet relaxed beauts:

Can’t get enough of these beams!!

Or these lanterns…

Or these lanterns…

Or this view!!


GAAAAAH, I miss Europe!!


  1. emily says:

    I love the plaster walls in the 13th photo. Planning on doing that to my country house bedroom and have been researching plaster vs lime …. it will be a DIYS project so wish me luck!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Sam says:

    I love viewing the different and unique decor styles around other countries. The British inspired rooms are quite fantastic, so sophisticated and I like the whole modern vs antique effect. I bet you’re not missing the weather there *winks* so exciting that you will be visiting soon! Aw that last view is paradise!

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