Design classic (15) – the Tolix chair

Happy Friday people, welcome to the weekend!!

I thought today I’d take a look at the Tolix Classic ‘A’ Chair, as it’s been cropping up in more and more images that are finding their way onto my Pinterest boards, and I have to say I’m rather smitten.


Designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934 (then updated to be fully stackable to 25 chairs high in 1956), they’re made out of galvanised sheet metal and were originally intended to be used outdoors.  Instantly a huge hit with cafés, factories, offices and even hospitals, they now have wiggled their way into the hearts of many many homes around the world with the modern addition of 50 colours, over the original silver and red offerings.


So in the UK you can source the official puppies from Graham & Green and (I think!) Made In Design, or for a larger range of colours and much much lower prices (ahem), try Cult Furniture.  Those of you Stateside should head to Design Within Reach, who sadly only stock the chair in white or grey, or Antiquaire who stock every colour of the rainbow!

So here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the crème de la crème of inspiration pics – I think I’ll leave them to speak for themselves, but as you’re gazing at them adoringly (or is that just me??!) make sure you consider just how flexible they are in terms of the types of schemes they complement so easily, whether modern, retro or genuinely traditional…

Ok ok, can’t keep quiet about this multi-coloured beauty, it is BANANAS!!

And they also look pretty awesome paired with lashings of white and topiary trees – note exhibits A, B and C:


So what do you think?  Which colours would you opt for??

Have a happy weekend all!


  1. Interiorsam says:

    Love the Tolix, but do I really have to to choose a favourite colour?! The utilitarian dull natural grey, closely followed by the bright yellow 🙂 Have a great weekend Elly x

  2. Sam says:

    Aw I loved these ever since I saw them on your blog. I am more partial to all the bright colours, they are so eye catching. I love the picture with the multi coloured chairs, it looks so modern and trendy! Have a wonderful weekend hun!

  3. Aaaa, green, yellow, pink, I enjoy the colors, I actually love the colors, I will paint the world in purple, green :)))) Lovely chairs, dear Elly 😉
    I am glad that you have read Salman Rushdie, this is my first book of his and it is good to know your opinion about him. Have a lovely weekend :*

  4. Okay, so this is the first time that I am hearing about Tolix, but now I’m convinced that I need one (or ten!) in my life! I love the look of the multi-colored pastels – so pretty and playful!! 🙂

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