Hong Kong inspiration: the greens of Sai Kung – part 1

So a few weekends ago now, the hubs and I made our debut trip over to Sai Kung, a fishing village in the New Territories of Hong Kong.  It’s a land of densely forested peaks, unbelievably blue reservoirs, beautiful waterfalls and the best beaches in the whole of Honkers.

We hiked through the forest for an hour or so and eventually arrived at this series of stunning waterfalls, the Four Pools Falls at Sai Wan (see link for directions).  They’re a great spot for jumping into the pools and we had quite a blast – it’s not so scary after the first jump!

The next stop was a series of bonkers beautiful beaches (almost felt like we were back in Cayman) and a yummy seafood supper at one of the local restaurants.  I absolutely adore how the mountains were formed here – I’ve never really seen anything like it before, the curves look like the folds of a piece of cloth flowing down to the ocean.

And at the end of the day we caught the last water taxi back to Sai Kung town – bouncing along at about 5000 miles an hour in the dark past lighthouses and floating fishing villages was quite an experience, ha.

Anyway, so the long and boiling hot trek through the forest got me pondering the colour green in interior design, but the beauty of it was the huge number of hues it encompassed, from almost minty and chartreuse hues, through sage green all the way to a deep dark olive-y shade.


So here are some of my fave inspiration piccies out there right now – am head over heels about both the silk curtains and domed armchair here, love!

And a much more sedate and calming sage green sets the tone in this sophisticated living room:

Couple of fun Moroccan/Indian style interiors – that blue/green carved door is simply bananas good:

I featured this home of one of Rue’s editors a while back but am still loving it, especially the hit of kelly green!  See here for more piccies.

I’m absolutely going GAGA over this LHS scheme – do you see that chevron-d mannequin????

This peacock mirror beauty has been firmly lodged in my brain since I posted about it yonks ago, and I seem to have discovered a whole new colour combo obsession – how amazing is this chartreuse/black library??!

There’s something about rococo style headboards and vintage hat boxes that get me every time…


What an incredible entrance to a home!  And this chinoiserie wallpapered bathroom is making my knees quiver a smidge (although I would have thought that a bathroom’s not the best place for handpainted silk, hey?!).

DYING over this romantic French-style bedroom, and I just had to feature a dose of trellis wallpaper somewhere (see here for more trellis-y goodies):

More chinoiserie goodness (how gorgeous is that canopy bed too?!  Although I would definitely be draping some floaty fabrics over it), and those long long curtains are absolutely sublime.


So which shade are you drawn towards from the greens of Sai Kung??


    • Elly says:

      Ahh, sorry about that! Yep, it really is a gorgeous spot – a total pain to get to but worth it. I agree re the sage green, it’s such a calming shade, no?

  1. Sam says:

    Those images of the cove, sea and waterfalls are absolutely breathtaking, It seems so impossible that the water is that blue! Its a natural paradise! I like how the green interiors sort of channel the natural beauty of the outdoors.

    • Elly says:

      I know, it’s crazy! The super-blue pics are of the reservoir – the water levels are quite low right now so you also have the contrast with these gorgeous deep burnt oranges and yellows on the sides.

  2. Wow, normally I am not drawn to green (there was a lot in our house growing up) but lately am finding it more and more appealing. I love the painting by the entrance with the white chair, the green wallpaper by the bathtub is also pretty but I could live with any of these. So pretty and your waterfall walk looks wonderful!
    xo Mary Jo

    • Elly says:

      Glad you likey Mary Jo. Yep, I agree it’s easy to go a bit OTT with green, I don’t like it so much in huge doses, but as an accent or two it’s divine!

  3. Kathy says:

    I found your site by googling Sai Kung. We have been offered an opportunity to housesit there, so I was checking out what it looks like. Your pictures are amazing! I would love to go hiking around those areas. You mentioned it was difficult to get to?

    Do you live there… ? I would love any more information you might be able to share, or refer me to, to help make our decision about going.

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