Monday’s Masterpiece – earthy goodness

Morning lovelies, how are we today?  Hope all had a fabulous weekend.  We had a very chilled out one actually for once, which was just what we needed after a chocca week in Singapore – couple of dinners with friends and lots of sofa time…

Anyhoo, so for today’s masterpiece I thought I’d take a peek at Commune Design.  I first came across this Los Angeles-based design collective when I was researching Wabi Sabi style interior design a few weeks back, and have been wanting to do some further oogling ever since.  They seem to produce very ‘real’ and earthy designs, spaces where you would be truly comfortable rather than worrying about spilling your cuppa over the white upholstery or damaging a side table that cost more than your car – their motto is ‘focusing on enhancing life through design’, which is pretty refreshing these days I think.

Perhaps best known for their awesome design of the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs, they also have a whole plethora of residential goodies in their portfolio.  Check ’em out!


I am in love with these tan leather side chairs:





And here are a few of my other faves from their residential portfolio – how glam is this living room??!

LOVING the reclaimed wood headboard here, and that carpet!!

Not a bad spot for a BBQ…

Insanely gorgeous wall treatments:

And this vintage kilim stair runner is killing me!!!

(unless otherwise stated, all credits)

And here’s a taster of the products they offer:


I’m a total sucker for anything involving a kilim, those upcycled throw pillows need to wing their way over to Hong Kong please.  Stat!


  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for alerting me to design brand – I hadn’t seen any of it before living here at the bottom of the earth, i like their motto! I get the whole earthiness and realness about these designs. BBQ spot – I need that in my home!

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