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So one thing that’s playing on my mind quite a bit right now is what to do with my current client’s enormous 4m high living room walls.  They are literally the biggest expanses of wall I have ever set eyes upon in my entire life!

I’ve been increasingly thinking that the best option is to do one great big whopping gallery wall.  I did a round up of these a little while back but figured it was about time I did an update.  So here’s my original ‘sage advice’ with a few updated images – hope you find them inspiring!

1. Decide if you want the overall effect to be quite structured or more fluid and all over the place.

I’m loving all these black and white hyper-organised affairs:


Hellllo exposed brickwork, and that indigo wall colour is KILLING ME!

These higgledy-piggledy beauts are making my heart beat a tad fast…

If you go for the structured option, keep in mind where the ‘border’ of the collection should be.

2. Again, depending on how quirky you want to go, consider using a mix of black and white/coloured photographs, graphic angular images, softer watercolours, prints, textural oil paintings, and then add in your ‘quirkies’ such as framed shells or pieces of jewellery, empty frames, mirrors, antlers, fabric swatches, kids’ drawings, I could go on…

LOVE the block letters and antlers paired with the more trad elements on the LHS here.  And as much as I do love the eclectic look, these uniform black/white photos are pretty powerful.

More yummy wall colour, and some wooden carvings add interest to this gallery:

Can you say mismatched…?

Totally enamoured with this pinky prints and antlers combo!

And I love the idea of incorporating personal elements to the gallery: for a writer a collection of letters and fonts, for a fashionista a quadrant of vintage Hermès scarves:

Little bit of mirror love, and what a fabulous way to display your kiddiewinkles’ drawings:

Every decent gallery wall MUST include a map of some kind, in my humble opinion…and I’m really struck by the look of these assorted empty frames too.

So cute for a nursery!

And lastly, these luxury shopper/silhouette collections are just insane!

3. Consider what area you want to cover – think about going the whole way to the ceiling or floor, for maximum impact.

I’ve always had a soft spot for frames leaning on the floor, and these powerful black/white jobbies are fantastic:

As is this crazy sky high display – loving those navy Barcelona chairs also (yikes, did I just say ‘loving’ and ‘Barcelona chairs’ in the same sentence?!):

4. If you have lots of different colours, shapes, mediums etc., think about framing them all in a similar colour (black, white, natural wood stain) or style (contemporary, ornate and traditional) to bring the collection together aesthetically.

5. And WHATEVER YOU DO, make sure you have a go at arranging the collection on the floor to get it looking how you intended before starting to bang nails into your walls.  If you don’t things will likely go totally pear shaped before you can say ‘Swiss Cheese’…

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What do y’all think?  See here and here for more inspiration!


  1. I am doing it, totally doing it. In my living room I have this king of wall with Toulouse Lautrec sketched, colored and framed in black, orange and red, but I had no idea for the bedroom, I was looking for a vintage photo, something like the Casablanca end, but no,no,no!!! Some fashion sketches are the perfect decision! Thank for making me realize what I need, Elly

    • Elly says:

      Ooooh yes, that sounds wonderful! A collection of gorgeous fashion sketches would be perfect for you, you could even frame your own ones from your course.

  2. I did a gallery wall for my living room with our own photographs. It’ makes a great impact and you can do it with a smaller budget. I really love the first image-the collection is cohesive and looks expensive. oh the hermes scarves and shopping bag framed have always been favorites of mine.

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