Monday’s Masterpiece – stylish Singapore

Morning lovelies, how are we all doing today?  Firstly, WHOOP to Murray, am feeling very proud to be a Brit right now (and also a smidge homesick, ha).


Sorry, getting sidetracked…

And secondly, so after a fabulous weekend catching up with old friends and running around Singas exploring, we’re now into job hunt mode again.  The market is pretty slow right now in Honkers so we’re expanding our horizons to include the Lion City.  I arrived here thinking I was going to hate it but it turns out it’s actually pretty awesome.

Anyway, so I thought that today I would take a looksee at the work of Singapore-based SCDA Architects, specifically the Villa Hadahaa in the Maldives.

One word: GAAAAAHH

The contemporary furnishings and ample natural finishes are just increds.

And check out this insane beach hut:

LOOOOOVE this modern take on the canopy bed.  LOVE!

The dining table looks like it’s carved out of one enormous piece of teak.  Le bee’s knees?  Why yes, I do believe it is.  Check out those huge carved wooden screens also, love!


And here are a few other corkers from their portfolio, enjoy!

Hellllo massive lanterns!



  1. Wow, SCDA creates places with such lovely lines! Oh and if you need a recruiter recommendation for banking or ops, let me know!
    We are staying at Capella this week for a staycation – it should be fun!

    I’ve switched blog sites and hope you can stop by when you get a chance!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  2. Oh wow! Talk about outdoor living. I just want to be transported to a place like this, with awesome, comfy outdoor furniture and a breathtaking view.

    Congrats to Andy for winning gold as well!

  3. Sam says:

    Aw wow, what a perfect tranquil paradise, I think if I were lucky enough to visit there, I would never want to leave. All the best finding the green dress and with the job hunt! have a good week hun 🙂

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