So last week’s masterpiece got me pondering all things shiny, mirrored and a little bit blingy.  It’s very easy to go OTT with this style, but I think one or two items are an easy way to add a feminine vibe and make a bold statement in any space.

So first up are the most obvious options: mirrored vanities, dressers, bedside tables and consoles.  I’ve posted up this gorgeous lavender scheme before (see here for more Kendall Wilkinson genius!) and still absolutely DIE whenever I set eyes on it.

This LHS option is a smidge too girly for me, although Marcia is pulling it off pretty well!  Loving the chevron/mirrored combo on the RHS though:


Or how about adding some mirrored goodness to a tub or three:

Mirrored canopy beds are seriously glam:

And lastly I’m also going totally bonkers over these mirrored tile effects:

What an unusual splashback!

(all credits)

And in case anyone’s feeling inspired, here’s my round up of the best of bling out there right now:

{from top left: vanity, subway tile, screen, X dresser, bathtub, canopy bed, bedside tablechest of drawers, Parsons desk

What do you think?  Too showy, or just your cuppa?


  1. I have to buy a fuchsia chair like this one :)))) And those painting are lovely, I haven’t decide what to choose for my bedroom. Everything is so lovely here on your blog and those mirrored tile effects, OMG, Elly! :*

    • Elly says:

      Haha, sorry I’m confusing you!! I’m always the same, can never ever make any interiors decisions for myself… Think the tiles are my faves too!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I have two mirrored night stands in an otherwise monochromatic bedroom with a deep blue painting and throw–it’s just the right amount of glam if there’s not too much! Love all your photos, most of them are in my favorites files, so I think we have similar taste, ha!
    xo Mary Jo

  3. Sam says:

    Hi dear, Thanks so much for your lovely insight on my last post 🙂
    I am loving those mirrored cabinets, they are unbelievable cute! I agree that a few blingy things can add just enough sparkle to a room, Beautiful images. Love that glittery bath wall

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