Monday’s Masterpiece – urban glam

Man, have I got a treat lined up for you guys today.  On Saturday evening we headed to Upper House Hotel in swanky Admiralty for a pre-dinner drinkie, and I was absolutely blown away by its interiors – seriously, like practically slack-jawed drooling…

Designed by Andre Fu of AFSO Designs, it is the epitomy of urban chic, full of contemporary sleek lines, gorgeous modern artwork and some seriously cool fire cubes and lanterns.  Even the lobby entrance area was insanely well designed:

This metal sculpture looked even better in the flesh, and I was ALL OVER the gorgeous velvet upholstery left, right and centre.

Every single detail was well thought out – later in the evening when these candles were lit, this little walkway was just spectacular!

More cool art:

They have a little terrace bar area called The Lawn, which was pretty fab too:

And upstairs a very comfortable lounge area, complete with roaring fire..

…amazing views up on to the Peak…

…and backgammon sets – what more could one need?!

And adjoining the lounge is the Cafe Grey, full of dark woods, and bonkers mulberry and teal velvets and leathers (I’d never come across this colour combo before, but absolutely loved it!):

Check out that sinuous banquette above left.  And the pretty stonking view over to Kowloon and TST:

(credits: AFSO Designs, Upper House Hotel, Hotel Chatter)

Let’s just say we’ll be back, this time with our camera…

Here are a few of my other faves from Andre’s portfolio – feast your peepers on these!

He seems to have a thing for lanterns…and may or may not be my design hero:



I think this is the bar inside the JIA hotel that I wrote about a while back:

And lastly, I think we may have to hit up this whimsical rooftop bar in Singapore next week!

(all credits: AFSO Designs)


  1. Sam says:

    Hi dear, thanks for your kind comment. Mygosh, I am also blown away by the phenomenal decor at this place! Its very must to my taste because I am kinda obsessed with geometrics and symmetry. Fantastic!

    • Elly says:

      Hey – thanks for putting a name to the interior (or exterior?!). We’re visiting Singapore for a week from Friday, will have to check out both these options!

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