Mix ‘n’ match

A current design trend that I’ve been increasingly drawn to is the mixing of different styles/colours of dining chairs.  It sounds kinda random but can actually create a really cool quirky effect and is an easy way to inject energy into a scheme.

Eames Eiffel and Tolix chairs seem to be the two most popular choices, with a good sprinkling of Panton and Louis Ghost chairs thrown in for good measure…  Check these puppies out, what do you think?

This is my fave of the lot I reckon – the trend works SO well with quite neutral reclaimed wood farmhouse tables:

Oh, and Tulip tables…see here for more Tulip goodness!  Loving these quirky citrus hues on the RHS too:

A little bit of hot pink never did anyone any harm:

And these multi-hued metal Tolix chairs are seriously the bee’s knees!  Totally enamoured with this whole scheme actually, I’m really having a subway tile moment right now:



LOOOOOOOVE!  The juxtaposition here between the elaborate cornicing and ceiling rose / traditional mirror, and crazy contemporary chandy / all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow Eiffel chairs is just insane:

A few slightly more serious and sedate schemes:

And lastly an all-white take on the trend – that granite (?) -topped table is gorgeous:


Have a fabulous and happy weekend all!


  1. Sam says:

    Love how cute and colourful this trend is. I would like the same chair in different shades, not different styles of chairs. Lovely images!

    • Elly says:

      Yeh I agree, I think you have to go either same chair different shades, or different chairs in v similar shades – can’t go too crazy!

  2. I haven’t seen this in any homes, but I see it on home shows on TV all the time. I really like mixing chairs when it’s done well. The first image is my favorite showcasing this style.

  3. Mary Jo says:

    I love this look too! I have 4 white eiffel chairs and am always dreaming about adding in more of the pastel colors + black. Hope you have a great weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  4. annie says:

    Oh goodness I’ve just tried that to see if anyone has been pinning from my blog and they have, so weird! Feel like I’m stalking them or something! Isn’t that fascinating? x

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