So that rain storm I was bitchin’ about yesterday…turns out it was the first front of a T10 tornado typhoon (oopsy, morning caffeine obviously has not kicked in yet) that hit last night, eek.


The authorities issued the T8 signal late last night and it’s still in force this morning, which means that all the hard working peeps of Hong Kong get a day off.  Apart from me, because I can do my work from anywhere (including the beach, ahem) – no biggie though, as I love what I do.

Anyway, so yesterday I was feeling a smidge bummed out about the weather, after an awesome weekend out and about, but then came across this:


I was pootling around on Pinterest finding bloggy images, when I came across a whole huge page of images people have pinned from my very own blog!  It was such a wonderful thing to look over – people getting inspiration from these pages and writing sweet notes about the blog.  I even saw that the new hubs and I were pinned onto wedding inspiration boards.

Writing a blog like this is a real labour of love.  Coming up with new content every day takes a lot of effort, but it always feels so worth it when I receive a lovely comment from one of my readers or see my images inspiring people to make Pinterest boards and whatnot.

So why not leave me a comment, and let me know who you are, what you’re up to, what you’re interested in.  I love getting post requests from readers, and helping with a specific interiors problem they’re having.  Fire away!  Most of my readers are from the UK, States, Hong Kong and Oz, but I often get hits from places as far away as Suriname, Uzbekistan and (once) the Congo – I have no idea what those countries are like, please drop me a line and say hi!

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Let’s show some Caribbean Living love people!


Peace out, I need to go find me a brolly…


  1. Hi! thanks for visiting my blog Just reading about the places you’ve lived in-sounds amazing! I feel the same way when looking at the images pinned from my blog. It’s nice to see you’re inspiring others. Blogging is time consuming and much research goes into it, so it’s wonderful to see others enjoying what you put out there.

    Anywhoo, will be visiting your blog from now on. Have a great day.

  2. Abbey says:

    It is certainly a labour of love but yes very rewarding when you see that people are inspired by it! I hope the weather calms down very soon 🙂

  3. I have just read left corner about you of your blog and your last post, I am already sure that I will follow you! Tax adviser in London and now event planner in HK? That sound pretty cool! I am a lawyer who hopes to become a fashion something 🙂 So, you are a model for me! I envy you about the beach workingggggggggg, too! Kisses (not wordpress)

    • Elly says:

      Hey, thanks that’s sweet of you! Yes, I’ve been very lucky to be able to have a career switch – so far so good… Good luck with the fashion world!!

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