Green and the City

I came across this crazy green-house in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday, designed by architects Vo Trong Nghia and was pretty much gobsmacked for a whole 10 minutes (a rare occurrence in the MacDonald household, let me tell you). 

I’ve been pondering vertical gardens on and off for a while now, but this property takes the concept just a liiiittle further…

Incredible, no?!

Am also going a smidge gaga over the minimalist concrete finishes and uncluttered clean lines – not entirely sure what’s come over me:

Not bad for a city view!

And I’m loving this rendered elevation, am feeling inspired to work on my equivalent-of-a-5-year-old’s drawing skills right now:

(all credits)

Cool, huh?!  I personally think it’s the perfect excuse for a trip to Vietnam…


  1. Interiorsam says:

    Beautiful intriguing house, I love that you cannot see any windows from the outside, but when you go in there’s the light streaming through them and the bright green plants casting interesting shadows. The staircase seems to float, wow!

  2. Lauren says:

    WOW, oh! Wow! My jaw dropped when I saw that place! It’s a stunner! The practical person in me wonders how hard it would be to maintain, but that’s what my husband is for, right? Gorgeous.

    • Elly says:

      Ha, very true, I decided not to think about that also They have an automated irrigation system, but what if the plants get attacked by buggies or something…?

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