Monday’s Masterpiece – timeless elegance (and some pretty freaking insane rugs)

Today I thought we should take a little look at Charlotte Moss – in interior design terms she’s one of the all time greats, with a career spanning over 25 years having started out on Wall Street.  I’m discovering more and more of these professionals-turned-designers, love it!!

I have to say I’m not usually drawn to her style, as although I can totally appreciate the elegance and sophisticated palettes and schemes, I’m usually after more of a contemporary and eclectic vibe. 

However here are a few of her well known schemes that definitely offer inspiration to all lesser-designers:

Floor to ceiling chinoiserie wallpaper gets a serious thumbs up in my book… 

But it’s apparently opulent master suites that she’s really known for – just check out these insane canopy beds!! 

Love that quote too.

(all credits: Cote de Texas)

But it was Charlote’s b.o.n.k.e.r.s Passport Collection of rugs for Stark that really grabbed me by the eyeballs…

I will be an extreeeemely happy lady if this beaut makes its way onto my floorboards one day:

And if you’re in the market for rugs (I personally have spent around 4 days of my life recently scouring Hong Kong looking for cool flooring options) here are some slightly less exclusive yet still jaw-droppingly divine pieces from One King’s Lane, on sale today!


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