Design classic (11) – Egg chair

Happy Friday peeps and what better way to welcome in the weekend than a nice dose of design eye candy. 

Today let’s take a little lookee at Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair.  Designed in 1958 it is yet another example of a midcentury modern piece that I used to detest but have come to absolutely adore, the more I see it featured in gorgeous schemes around the world.  The official manufacturer is Fritz Hansen but there are plenty of cheaper knockoffs around, seemingly centred around Hong Kong…

LOOOOVING the monochrome looks here:

Cowhide rug and Egg chair paired up?!  Come to mama! 

And I’m going slightly bananas over this mega splash of colour in an otherwise very neutral and sedate space:

A more masculine take on the piece:


(all credits)

What do you think?  Are they too space age for you, or just your cuppa tea?!

Have a happy weekend all!


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