Tuesday’s Masterpiece – need a break?!

Whew, what a weekend!  Our three days of rock climbing, Norman Jay gig, fireworks, cigar bars, baby reef sharks, dim sum fun and debut typhoon have left me a smidge knackered – need a few days to recuperate I think…

So I came across this gorgeous serene home in my inspiration files this morning and thought I’d share it today – could do with some down time in a similar space, yes please.  It’s the home of photographer Victoria Pearson, featured in House Beautiful a while ago, and I have to say I have fallen a little in love.  Go make yourselves a cuppa and take some time over these images, you won’t regret it believe me.

LOVING the sisal rug/dark wood combo on the RHS here:

Err…and the decadent chandie/Chinese cabinet here:

What a stunning vignette:

And this outdoors space is practically reducing me to tears right now…

(all credits: Victoria Pearson / House Beautiful)

Here are some serene images from her portfolio too – I don’t know much about photography I must confess (I’m more of a point’n’shoot kinda gal) so have no command whatsoever over the jargon, but just love the simplicity and clean lines of these photos.

Ok ok, this one is less simple and serene – hellllo black lacquer walls…

(all credits: Victoria Pearson)


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