Design classic (10) – cowhide rug

Happy Friday peeps – we’ve nearly done it, 3 hours to go until the weekend, yeeha! 

The grade 8 typhoon currently winging its way straight towards Hong Kong is looking like it’ll scupper lots of our weekend plans which I’m not too excited about…  Never experienced a typhoon before though, sounds like a fab excuse for a lie in.  What are y’all up to?   

So I’ve been getting more and more into cowhide recently, specifically cowhide rugs, and thought I’d round up a few pics for today’s dose of design inspiration.  These babies are so versatile and fit in with so many design styles, as you shall see below, and add the perfect pop of rustic chic to any wooden floor.

Check out the light fixture below left!! 

Note: yet another ikat armchair

LOOOOOOVE them paired with a white painted floor:

And they even look fabulous in very feminine schemes:

Looks great in the kitchen but not sure how functional that is:

Or you can pop a luscious lucite table on top and make me start drooling all over my laptop…

(all credits)

Cool, huh?!

In case you’re feeling inspired, here’s a few ideas for sourcing these beauts.  For a cheap and cheerful take on the trend, head to IKEA:


Or for a slightly more upscale version, try Hidestyle in Hong Kong or Graham & Green in Blighty.



  1. annie says:

    That’s the ostrich light from the Folly! They must have stacks of cash if they can afford that in a children’s room! Have a great weekend Elly x

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