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So for the last week or so I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at neutral colour schemes and sleek classy pieces of furniture, which I’ve loved – however, I feel the need for a pop of colour today, and what better way to introduce this than with my all time favourite: the ikat print.

Yes ladies and gents, I’m still clinging desperately onto the ikat trend with both mitts and am very sad that it seems to be fizzling out…  But I stand steadfast in my quest to incorporate it into every single thing I work on, whether or not it is appropriate, ahem.

Anyhoo, here are my picks for today, hope you likey!

There’s something about a chair back upholstered in ikat that makes my brain flip out a little at the awesomeness…

Ditto any ornate antique-looking piece jazzed up to the nines:

Ok ok, there’s only an eeny weeny bit of ikat in the LH pic here, but DO YOU SEE THAT CHEVRON BACKING on the shelving unit??!!  Bonkers.

Love me a good pinboard I do…

And I’m totally obsessing over these two interesting applications:

Ikat + nailhead trim??!  I DIE!

And I would never in a zillion years would have thought that lavender and peach could look so good together.

Framed ikat as artwork – l.o.v.e

And this image produces an immediate jaw-drop every single time I set eyes on it:

Or…how about using ikat in an event context?  LOVE this pink/coral/turquoise jobby:

And I don’t know who the stylist was on these ones but they are clearly very talented (ahem, kidding – these are from our wedding, although now I’m wishing I’d bought more fabric and had the runners perpendicular like the two above…):

(all credits)

And for some shopping inspiration see my ikat how to here!


  1. Mary B. says:

    I so loved the pinboard, would like to have one. It’s not the usual pinboard you can see at home and its very decorative. As usual, great post Elly!

  2. silver price says:

    Even though many of today’s Ikats may not be “true” in the sense of how the fabric is constructed, the pattern lives on and is easily recognized when used as a pattern in interior design. In this day and age where everything seems to be focused on the next “big thing” or the new trend, the ikat will always be regarded as a classic and timeless element of design.

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