Chinese screens – oooooh la la…

So for my second post on my ever-increasing obsession with Chinese furniture, I thought I’d have a little squizz at the beauties that are Chinese screens.

There are two main types you could opt for – firstly, a carved wooden frame, which is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n used as a room divider:

Or as a privacy guard / headboard:

Or simply as gorgeous detailing:

Do NOT like the colour of the daybed but the rest of this scheme is spot on:

Or how about  a beeeeautiful painted chinoiserie screen:

Ok ok, this one’s Japanese, you caught me…

Loving this idea, what an elegant solution to the lack of privacy – I’d be a smidge nervous about steam damaging the screen though.

Two more INSANE headboard shots!

And check out these bonkers black/gold lacquered jobbies.  I’ve only included this first one for the screen itself, please ignore the rest of the scheme, ick. 

(all credits)

They have completely and utterly stolen my heart – think I may need to find an excuse to go shopping…


  1. Beautiful shots, we have screens in the showroom, but sadly not yet on the website! Must get them on there! Thanks for the blog post, do you mind if I share? We’re on Facebook and Twitter as Qing Art.

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