Bachelor pads 101

So it is no secret around here that I’m quite the fan of all things brightly coloured and blingy, but I thought today I’d continue the bachelor theme from Monday with a high style masculine apartment featured in the current edition of Lonny.

I usually totally veer away from strong doses of black in favour of gorgeous rich dark browns, whether we’re talking interior design or the contents of my wardrobe, so this scheme doesn’t sit naturally in my inspiration files.  But it’s good to question yourself sometimes, right?! 

Let’s take a little looky: 

Hellllo lucite legs!

Totally enamoured with this contemporary glass fire guard:

And this is one helluva cool dining room:

(all credits: Lonny Magazine)

So here’s my attempt at something similar – let me know what you think pretty please!

{from top left: subway printsindustrial chic chandie, white drapes, charcoal paint (‘Silhouette Gray’), light cowhide rug, reclaimed floorboards, tripod floor lamp, grey sofa, metal/wood coffee table}

Oh oops, still seem to have avoided le black…


  1. Abbey says:

    I’m a bit the same and avoid the darker shades however this is one fabulous home! And love the lucite legged coffee table!

    Abbey x

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this! Especially the bedroom! Any idea where the bedding/pillows are from? Nightstand? I just got a bed similiar and want it to look like this! 🙂

    • Elly says:

      Hi there, thanks for stopping by! Sorry I can’t help with this sourcing, have zilch idea… Will see if I can squeeze in a shopping guide sometime soon though!

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