Hong Kong highjinks

So I thought it was about time I introduced you guys to the fabulous neighbourhood of Sheung Wan, where we’ve moved to.  I guess I’ve been putting this off as I’ve been having extreme withdrawal symptoms from our sea view terrace and gorgeous old seafront neighbourhood, South Sound, in Cayman ha!  Oh well, Hong Kong is cool in different ways…

Anyhoo, so this is the ugly as sin view from our home, along the road heading to Central.  There was a huge demonstration last Sunday, which is pretty interesting for China – well, obv HK is very different to China but still.  I need to also get a pic at nighttime to show y’all – it’s a much nicer view when you have the twinkly city lights and can’t see the rust stains and mouldy concrete, ha.

And the 10 floor building next door that looks like it’s being held up by bamboo?  It is being held up by bamboo.  It’s INSANE!  All over the city there are just enormous construction sites with 30/40 storey buildings going up using bamboo scaffolding – pretty amazing actually.

But once you get down to street level, it gets a lot more interesting! 

Sheung Wan is chock full of dried foodstuffs stores. Nope, I am not referring to dried fruits and nuts, I am referring to dried sea cucumbers, antlers, skulls, seahorses, birds’ nests, all kinds of fish, and sheep placentas. Gross. I know. You don’t have to smell it every day, ha. Really fascinating though. 

One curious thing is that all the shops leave the goods out to dry in the sunshine, right next to bus lanes and people walking past hocking up – not the most hygiene-focused of places…  Also, lots of the shops have these offering shrine things outdoors, where they burn incense every day – think they look beautiful. 

And this is the Man Mo Temple, one of the oldest in Hong Kong, located just around the corner on Hollywood Road along with its plethora of antiques shops (I smell a future post!).

There are loads and loads and loads of incense coils suspended from the ceiling, which are burnt as offerings – all well and good until someone’s hair catches on fire, ha.  No seriously, it’s a very spiritual place, and very beautiful also.

We are missing the Carib but we do love it here too – we’re very close to Central and Soho with all the offices/restaurants/bars, but are in a very Chinese and interesting area. 

Ok. gotta dash, it’s a gorgeous day today and we’re heading over to Mong Kok to check out the flower/goldfish/jade markets, can’t wait!


  1. annie says:

    Elly I love this peek at your new home. All those fascinating shops and everything must seem so strange and exotic. Can’t wait to see more of what you discover x

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