Sheer fabulousness

Err, apols for the dodgy title, couldn’t resist.  Sooooo, since moving to Honkers I’ve been pondering the question of window treatments on and off.  With such densely packed buildings, the need to create privacy is pretty imperative – if we wanted to we could see into approximately 50 apartments from our 12th floor pad, for example.

When I think of treatments I usually think of fabulous billowing velvet/some-other-insanely-gorgeous-fabric drapes, such as…

(all credits)

But sometimes these ceiling to floor lovelies just don’t cut the mustard from a functional perspective, either when you need to cut down direct sunlight streaming into a west facing room, or need to up your aforesaid privacy.  That, ladies and gents, is when the true genius of sheers comes to light.

(all credits)

Or for a functional and dramatic look, how about pairing them up…?

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    • Elly says:

      Yeh, I know what you mean, it is a big deal. I guess there are just so many different options, and it’s a hard thing to just replace if you realise you’ve made a mistake, as it’s always quite pricey. Think I might take another look at them next week, hope that helps a little…

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