Caribbean Living goes shopping

So we are in the very lucky position to be looking around for some gorgeous Chinese furniture as one of our wedding gifts, and I thought today I’d do a post on our progress as there are just so many goodies out there to choose from and we are having significant difficulties making a decision!

We headed over to Ap Lei Chau last week, ‘Duck’s Tongue Island’ off the south coast of Hong Kong, to Horizon Plaza which is the main area for furniture shopping here.  We wandered around for about 3 hours – me with my jaw on the floor, Alistair with his jaw complaining (ha, no that’s not fair actually, he was pretty tolerant).

So these are some of the pieces we saw – have no idea how we’re going to decide between them.  So first up we started in a largely reproduction furniture store called Old Shanghai.  You may be able to tell I was drawn towards the aqua options…

This second shop is called The Birdcage and is full of gorgeous genuine antiques and a very helpful owner, Clarence.  He was telling us all about his buying trips in China and about the antiques trade etc., really fascinating. 

All the Chinese cabinets were traditionally a deep red, black or natural wood colour (apols for the dreadful pic…).

We fell slightly in love with the antique medicine cabinet (centre back) but it’s just not very functional – what can you keep in there other than your undies?!  Apparently the supply of antique ones are running out quickly so Clarence is buying up every single one he can get his hands on – best move quickly if you want to get your mittos on one of these…

So what do you guys think?  We’d like to get a pair of whatever we choose as I think that looks faaabulous, but should we go for a neutral option, in black, white or natural wood:

Should we amp up the colour with a reproduction?

Or should we go for one with an intricate Chinoiserie design on the front?



And see here for a few more gorgeous designs!


  1. Chic 'n Cheap Living says:

    I would take the antique medicine cabinet too! It is a tough choice but my eye is drawn to the colorful reproductions. Hi from Sibgapore en route to the US (it has been a busy month for travel!) I love that you have so many great options in hong kong and there is such great food there!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    • Elly says:

      Hey – thanks for stopping by and have a great trip to the States! I think I just need to somehow win the lottery and get them all…

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