Monday’s Masterpiece – the heights of Hong Kong

So I decided over the weekend that I should resume some kind of semblance of order on the blog and I’ve been missing my weekly design-oogle-sesh, so I thought today I’d get back into my series of Monday Masterpiece posts.  And what better way to kick start them than to check out UK designer Tara Bernerd’s contribution to Hong Kong interior design?!

Tara’s aesthetic is definitely more contemporary than I’d usually opt for, but I’m totally enamoured with her bold colour choices, textural contrasts and use of quirky accessories.  She seems to have a particular penchant for modern artwork (Warhol in particular) and deeply-veined marble, which I also happen to loooove.

Anyway, check out these shots from the various Hong Kong pads that Tara’s designed, and tell me you don’t want to move in…I dare you:

Loving the neutral palette she’s used here, so calming and serene but amped up by that angular sculpture in the corner.

Helllllo wall to wall marble, please would you move to my apartment?!

Yet another ridics cityscape:

Errr, best bar of all time?!  Insane aubergine velvet and insutrial chic pendants also…

More maaaarble!

Not bad, huh?!

And here are some of my faves from other projects of hers – loving the layout of this kitchen (I’m actually doing the same for my current project) and that splashback is le bee’s knees:

There’s always space for a lifesize cow:

More gorgeous velvet!

Check out the antler chandie – love:

And I am totall digging this ultra-contemporary look – I’ve been looking for some bar stools just like this actually, hmm wonder where they’re from…

And last but certainly not least, I would not turn my nose up at this yacht in Monaco.

(all credits: Tara Bernerd)


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