High tea and high skyscrapers

So I’ve finally got around to uploading our pics from my birthday last week and thought I’d share a few today.

First up, check out my beautiful fleurs!!  Such a lovely surprise from Ali and from two of my best chickies back home – lovely lovely.  Really frustratingly, all of our belongings are a month late arriving in HK so I’ve had to be creative with the vases – really hope our Nepalese singing bowls don’t go rusty…  And take a look at those craspedia-on-steroids, absolutely enormous!

So we headed over to Kowloon on the old Star Ferry and went exploring for the afternoon. First up was the waterfront promenade with fantastic views back over towards Hong Kong island:

And next we headed over to The Peninsula Hotel for a very lovely high tea.  It’s one of the very few examples of British colonial architecture left in the city – in contrast with the rest of the world, the Chinese approach seems to be to knock ’em down and build another more efficient building on the same spot, rather than trying to preserve them for historical interest.  Which is a huge shame, I think, it must have been absolutely beautiful back in the early 1900s. 

Anyway, I digress…it was also the first time I’ve seen an afternoon tea menu with Chinese characters on it, which I thought looked quite cool.

You could easily imagine what this must have been like in the colony’s heyday, full of ladies in swishing bustle dresses and gentlemen in frock coats and enormous moustaches (or whatever it was they wore back then, I am no expert). 

The ceiling treatment was ridiculously intricate, just beautiful, and the afternoon tea was pretty scrumptious too:

We next were supposed to go check out the markets up in Mong Kok, but took too long over our tea and cucumber sarnies so had to leave that for another time. 

We headed up to Aqua Bar again, this time armed with our camera – gorgeous sunset over the outer islands and dockyards:

I always love watching the lights in a city gradually waking up as it gets dark, and this was no exception.  Check out the old school junk boat in the bottom left corner too:

And this is the view once night fell properly.  Loved the diddy little cruise ship, we haven’t seen one of them for a good few months – it’s like the little sister of its Caribbean brethren:

Pretty ruddy spectacular, no?!

We watched the lightshow from our perch and took a bunch of pics, but they don’t really do it justice.  Check out this video if you’re interested (and please humour the distinctly dubious soundtrack):


All in all it was a great day and hopefully the first of many Hong Kong birthdays!


  1. Lauren says:

    Hello dear! It sounds like you had a lovely birthday. I’ve been catching up on your posts, reading about your wonderful travels. Some seriously stunning stuff you’ve done and seen, yes? I always love all your design inspiration, but I’m anxious too, to hear more about settling into HK. Is it total culture shock to be living there? Can’t wait to hear more. xo

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