A weekend in Hong Kong

Our first weekend in HK was a leetle beet bonkers I must admit.  We were taken out and shown the city by some friends – my jaw was pretty much resting on the floor for the entire time.

First up was the bar, Sevva, with possibly the best views over the city of anywhere:

Gorgeous terrace, modern design:

And a bloody great big chandie to boot!

(credits: Sevva)

And the following night we were treated to a wonderful dinner at Lily & Bloom, a new up and comer in Central.  I became slightly enamoured with the industrial chic vibe of the place:

AMAZING oysters too, amongst the best we’ve ever eaten – you must check it out if you’re ever in Honkers.

(credits: Lily & Bloom)

I couldn’t get this series of West Elm’s pendants out of my head for the duration of the evening – LOVE:

(credits: West Elm)

Alrighty, over and out for now.  It’s my birthday today and we’re heading out to do some exploring – more piccies on the way soon!


  1. Angela says:

    Happy Birthday Elly enjoy x
    We spent our 25th wedding anniversary in HK a month with friends who were working out there, loved it, although I hate cities, but HK is so different. Hope you both get jobs & can live there. Take care both xx

  2. Interiorsam says:

    Bonkers in Honkers… Those views are amazing, the interiors amazing, there’s so much to see in HK. Is the weather good there at the mo? I’d kill for a relaxing drink in an open air bar with the warmth on my skin x

    • Elly says:

      Erm…the weather is ok now yep but has been pretty crappo for a week or so which was a bit depressing – not what we signed up for! I agree about there being so much to see – you could live here for years and years and still not experience everything!

  3. annie says:

    OmG Elly! Those places are unbelievable! Do you think everywhere is as glam as that? Those terraces! Oh how I’d love to sit on one of those drinking a mai tai 🙂 I’m so envious!

    • Elly says:

      Yeh, the terraces are for sure the highlight, very nice indeed. Nope, not everywhere’s like that at all actually – it’s a regular occurrence to be leaving a cool bar/resto like these ones, then glance down a side street next door and see chicken feet or dried up sea slugs in a shop, Totally random, but I love it!

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