Kuala Lumpur Cityscape

Alrighty, so soon after our Himalayan highjinks we hotfooted it back to HK, then straight away to KL, en route to Jakarta for honeymoon take 2 (Air Asia bargain flights, I love you).

It was the perfect fix of city life, comfort and great restaurants before we hefted our backpacks once again and set off for Indo.

I booked us in to Shangri-La’s more-budgety-option Trader’s Hotel for a couple of nights – Alistair’s always been obsessed with sky scrapers ever since he was little, so I thought he’d like the hotel’s view of the Petronas Twin Towers:

The room was very nice but not particularly noteworthy (bar the view):

But one thing that caught my eye actually was this set up of the bathroom, that I’d never seen before.  By situating the shower at the end of the bathtub, they’d turned one full wall into the bath/shower area – I think it’s actually a really good space-saving idea, if you’re dead set on having a separate shower and tub.  Very functional too, no splashing!

So we watched the lights come on over KL:

And then bumbled along to Jakarta the next day…


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