Karnali Lodge: jungle luxe

Oh my flaming Nora, what a hotel.  Set in the jungle on Nepal’s Karnali River, this jungle lodge style accommodation really is a cut above.

The decor of the main living area of the lodge was absolutely out of this world.  Seriously, it had me all kinds of giddy…

From the oversize bronze water-feature bowls to the safari chairs and bamboo wall cladding, my eyes were popping out of my head for the duration of our stay.

Not to mention the teak leggy side tables, the insanely gorgeous throw pillow fabrics and the circular thatch wall hangings.  Oh, and the fact that the entire space was held up by actual tree trunks.

These thatch thingies made pretty cool wall sconces at nighttime, and the bronze bowls looked amazing with their armies of floating candles – not a bad spot for a G&T or two!

The elephant safaris we went on were also absolutely excellent – the drivers and guides were about 4 million times better than the regular ones you have going through the National Park.

There was a great atmosphere to the place – I guess because it was such a relatively small hotel, one sort of feels almost like a house guest and we enjoyed chatting with the other families and couples staying there.

Also, the food was very tasty indeed – it was the best dal bhaat we had over the whole month.

One side to the hotel that wasn’t quite so great though was the actual room we stayed in.

Now I have to put this into context.  Travelling in Nepal was a very interesting experience once we got outside the touristy areas – I am well able to put up with grimy rooms and gross loos, but some of the ones we saw in this country were seriously seriously bad.  I will not go into details here, but think of the horror film ‘Hostel’ and you’re part way to imagining it.

So coming from this perspective, the ensuite room we had was fabulous, clean and comfortable.  However, somebody flying straight in from Kathmandu I imagine would be pretty disappointed.

The decor was okay – the hurricane wall lamps and textiles were nice touches, but I have to admit that I was pretty underwhelmed, especially with the bathroom.

Ali took a very strong dislike to the walls (‘MUD WALLS??!  I’m not paying this much for a room with mud on the walls!’).  I don’t think it is actually mud, and I thought they gave the place quite a rustic air, but I guess they’re not to everyone’s taste.

Given that this place is literally in the middle of nowhere, I guess it could be hard to source items they need, but given the stupendous amount of thought put into the main lodge, I was a little disappointed.

If the rooms were given a bit of a spruce up though, it would get a full thumbs up from me!

{This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed herein are my own}


  1. annie says:

    $600???? Wow. that’s an awful lot of money. From the photos, I agree. Lovely communal area, blah rooms. It just looks like a nice-ish hostel? Hardly a honeymoon suite?

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m curious, how did you blag a discount? Did you email them and tell them you were an ID and were coming? Just for future reference! x

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