Travel inspiration: Buddhist thankas

So as I mentioned earlier in the week, one of the many gorgeous Nepali souvenirs we’ve seen are the incredibly intricate Thanka silk artwork.  They are paintings depicting Buddhist religious scenes and figures, and they have been used as religious teaching tools for hundreds of years.  They are also really ruddy beautiful.

We’ve bought a trio of mini gold/black ones and a pair of GORGEOUS gold/indigo/deep purple mandala puppies, but I have a sneaky suspicion we may be back for more one day.  I now have a couple of great wholesale contacts – can deffo see myself incorporating these into schemes in the future. 

{Sorry, can’t format les piccies…}

Alot of the examples we’ve seen are in very bright colours, but there are also a bunch of more muted tones used.  I reckon they’d be a fab addition to a gallery wall (as you can get them in any size), or as a piece of standalone artwork.

A quick squiz on Etsy brings up these beauts:

Or for a more authentic look, try an antique (HUGE version so you can appreciate the beauty) – these are very similar to the pair we bought, just gorgeous:

Ebay also come up with the goods:

Or you could grab a flight to Kathmandu and pick out your own one for a discount!

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