Feelng a little bit fancypants

So before laving Hong Kong we decided to check out one of the bars recommended to us by friends, Aqua.

This blogging malarky is getting to me I think: instead of revelling in the cool as a cucumber décor and amazing views, I was like ‘WOOOOOOOW! JUST WAIT UNTIL I POST ABOUT THIS PLACE.’  Alistair was not very impressed.

(all credits: Aqua Restaurant)

Cool, huh?!  Honestly, after living on a sleepy Caribbean island for 2 years, my jaw was on the floor for about 90 minutes…


  1. Wow fab place! I love Hong Kong, but I didn’t go here when I visited 🙁 Those views are stunning though aren’t they. We did do cocktails on the top floor of one of the hotels overlooking Kowloon but can’t remember off the top of my head where it was but it was fab, had live music there too. I’ll try and recall where it was. You are going to have such fun, so excited for you x

  2. annie says:

    OOooooh so envious! And I know that feeling. Richard drew an infogram of what we talk about last night and by far the largest blob was my blog 🙂

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