Monday’s Masterpiece – glam rock ‘n’ roll in the Big Apple

Fashion stylist and interior designer Jackie Astier has seemingly been taking the world by storm since her Upper East Side home was featured in Elle Decor recently.  The apartment is the perfect mix of luxurious finishes and edgy details and, I have to admit, makes my heart start afluttering every time I see these images. 

I totally share her apparent love of brass accents, ethnic textiles and all things mirrored.  DO YOU SEE THIS LACQUERED CEILING?!  I would never think to pair lacquer with this faux-bois wallpaper but it works really well here.  The furniture is all just bonkers gorgeous too – these side tables and cocktail table are BANANAS!

One of my favourite ideas for larger living rooms is the concept of breaking up the space into smaller seating zones, thereby avoiding having a massive dead space in the centre of the room.  This set up is really le bee’s knees – the not quite perfect symmetry makes for a very calming scheme, and yet the dark grass cloth, ikat blinds and foxed glass screen gives it a sexy edge.  Also note the brass accents!

This dining room is SO GLAM I CAN’T STAND IT!!!  Just imagine how amazing it must look at night time with candlelight flickering across the tabletop and lacquered walls.  Also totally enamoured with the bold chair choice, and the further leap towards all things brassy.

This bold monochrome kitchen is pitched just right – the oversize industrial light fitting and winter trees wallpaper stop the all white cabinetry and Calacatta marble floor becoming too samey and run of the mill. 

(all credits: Elle Decor)

And here are a couple of other goodies from Jackie’s portfolio. She seems to do ‘elegance with a twist’ very well indeed!

(all credits: Jackie Astier)

Alrighty, well I don’t know about you but I’m feeling inspired to go reassess my seating zones for project 6.2!  Have a fab day folks!


  1. Matilda Benda says:

    I love that dinning room table with glass and brass, I also love the brass and navy chairs. I do have this table but don’t remember the designers name, I hope someone can help me with that, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you,

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