Monday’s Masterpiece – floaty and light

So there’s this image that I haven’t been 100% able to get out of my head for about 18 months now, so imagine my delight when I actually managed to find out who created this bonkers amazing dining room over the weekend: Alina Apteker.  She’s the Creative Director of Longwood Living, an interior design firm that also dabbles in event design through its sister company Longwood Events.

Just take a look at this space and tell me your jaw isn’t on the floor, I dare you…  The combo of floaty drapes / antique elaborate chandie / dark moody walls / cowskin rug is simply BANANAS.

And I’ve seen this hallway many times before also – LOOOOVE the zebra runner, but am not sure about the floral situation going on downstairs.

Her glamourama living room – totally enamoured with all the different textures playing off of one another:

And a neutral-yet-fun kitchen – just take a look at all the quirky elements we have here: amazeballs pendants, fun wallpapered worktop / skylight, and are those metallic legs on the main island??!  She’s a genius.

Quite a cool idea for the loo…

But I have to say the master bedroom is where it all goes wrong.  So this little alcove is pretty cool – I quite like the 360 animal fur look – but the rest is not really my cup of tea.

(all credits: Elle Decor)

But moving on to more of her gorgeous interiors, here are some of the event spaces she’s created for Longwood Events.  I think these pics are all from the State Room in Boston, Belle Mer in Newport and Wychmere in Cape Cod.

(all credits: Longwood Events)

Bet it costs a pretty penny to hold your wedding at one of these venues, but man oh man they’re pretty…


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