Design classic (2) – Tulip table

Happy Friday peeps, we’ve made it t the weekend, yeeha.  I have to say it’s been a bit of a crazy week – only 3 weeks to go to the big W-Day and I’m feeling totally and utterly overwhelmed with how much still needs to be done.  The rate we’re going, I will have to use seaweed and stolen palm leaves for my bouquet, no hairstyle to speak of and a totally bubbles-free wedding.  This.  Is.  Not.  Good.  To top things off I have one big fat stinking cold after destroying my immune system with too little sleep in Miami last week.  AND we’re moving to Honkers in exactly 6 weeks and haven’t even begun to think about that yet.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, STRESSHEAD.

Whoo, sorry, bit carried away there – let’s just say I’m very glad it’s the end of the week and am looking forward to some beach time this weekend…

Anyway, so today I thought I’d carry on the design classic series with Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Table and matching Tulip Chairs.  These were dreamt up by the Swedish designer back in 1956 for Knoll, who still produce the authentic versions:

And the coordinating swivelly Tulip Chairs:

They’ve turned into a bit of a cliché I think these days as they’re SO popular, especially now that IKEA has started producing a cheapo version:

But their sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic seem to fit into practically any scheme you need them to, so I can see why!  The range of finishes available is pretty incredible, and I quote ‘tables are available in wood, laminate, coated and natural marble and natural granite top finishes, in a wide range of colors’.  I have to say I’m an eensy weensy bit obsessed with the marble puppies.

So anyway, onto the fun bit!  I found a whole bunch of super contemporary schemes that look just a little too much like Star Trek for me to deal with (which I believe actually featured the tulip chair in the first ever series) – I was much more drawn to the more eclectic interior design, pairing the table with upholstered dining chairs, or more traditional furnishings.

Anyway, enough blathering from me – check these out and make sure you let me know what you think!

(credits: Elle Decor)

Seriously enamoured with this sophisticated set up on the left, and the Tulip paired with blingy chinoiserie and an all white kitchen is also le bee’s knees:

(credits: Elle Decoration / Domino)

Simple and stylish: love.

(credit: FlickRiver)

And I know this one isn’t particularly interesting, but I wanted to illustrate how flipping massive they can be – this oval number would be the perfect dining table.

(credit: Elle Decor)

Some heavily wood-influenced schemes here – you’d never think something so ‘modern’ could fit in.  But it does.  What a sneaky little bugger.

(credits: FlickRiver)

Slightly OBSESSED with these light fixtures:

(credit: Elle Decor)

And this one hands down wins the prize for most fun scheme.  Luuuurve the lucite pairing in the second too.

(credit: From the Right Bank / Flick River)

And last but not least, they even suit zebra!

(credit: Decor Pad)

Have a happy weekend folks – what are you up to??


  1. Lauren says:

    I’m totally stuck trying to figure out what to do with our dining room. It’s the chairs really. Everything else has pretty much fallen into place, but the chairs are holding me back. I still love me some tulip chairs, though. So tempting… Have a great weekend!

  2. Three weeks?!? That’s so exciting!!! Just think how stress-free your life will be once it’s over! And once you get to the wedding…that’s it. Nothing else to worry about except enjoying your day. You are almost there!!

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