Design classic (1) – Wishbone chair

Morning morning folks and a very Happy Friday to you!!  I’ve been meaning for a while to start looking into the classic designer pieces of furniture that are so popular these days, like the Barcelona chair or the Tulip table – they’re all such iconic pieces but are they worth the multi-hundred $ price tags attached…?  And are more affordable knock-offs an acceptable option?  Well let’s see…

I thought I’d start with the Wishbone Chair, by the Danish designer Hans J Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son.

The chair has been around since 1950, and graced many a gorgeous interior.  The (authentic) pieces are hand finished, with a manually-woven seat and hand-picked wooden components.  The original chair is in soft natural tones, but a range of 12 bright modern hues were recently released to mark its 60th anniversary.

Fun, huh?!

So I believe the official UK distributor is the Aram Store and the US one is Room & Board, but of course as is the case with any designer item, there are a bunch of cheaper knock-offs of varying quality.

Vita Interiors has a whole bunch of different finishes:

And Interior Addict has this cheeky chappy:

I’m surprised IKEA haven’t got in on the act though.

Anyhoo, so…let’s take a look at the Wishbone Chair in the context of interior design.  It seems to mainly feature in typical minimalist Scandi-type schemes, like so:

Helllllo incredible pendants!  Who on earth took this photo though, it’s disastrously bad…

I don’t normally go for such a minimalist look, but am slightly in love with this kitchen:

And this wall fixture is making my knees weak:

(credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 )

But I’ve also seen them used in a more elaborate context – love this classy dining area:

(credits: 1 / 2 / 3 )

And also as a rustic accent:

(credit: 1)

Or lastly, how about a dash of colour:

(all credits: 1)

So what do you think?  Do you like the natural tones, or are you down for a jolt of acid green?!

Ok, I’m offski – need to pack for le do de hen (2) – Miamiiiiiii here I come!


  1. annie says:

    Lordy Elly be careful of talking about knock offs or you’ll have Michelle Ogundehin, editor of Elle Decoration on your back! She wrote a vile rant about Samantha Cameron for buying a (perfectly legal) Arco lamp knock off. She’s now started an internet campaign and clearly can’t deal with anyone who disagrees with her so watch out!!

    I love the wishbone chair, they’re so elegant and timeless. But at £500 each they are a bit of a rip-off, esp as you’d need six around your dining table!

    • Elly says:

      Ha, thanks for sending over that article, very interesting – feel a smidge sorry for Sam Cam!

      Yeh, well I’m not exactly advocating the purchase of knock offs, I’m just still sat on the fence about it. I agree that you shouldn’t disrespect the original designer, but also think that people who aren’t millionaires should be able to buy nice pieces of furniture. I guess it’s the same as fashion and the high street brands doing their own version of the crazy catwalks – nobody seems to have too much of a problem with them. Hmm, I shall have a ponder and get back to you!!

    • Elly says:

      Thanks Alena – yep it was a fab weekend, still recovering though…

      I also can’t decide which I prefer, I think the white ones may just be the winners though.

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