Bring me sunshine

So the reason for post lackage yesterday is, for once, not down to my disorganisation: our delightful internet provider decided to shut down our connection while we were away and, this being Cayman, we’ve only just got it up and running again.  

But we’re back in paradise now after a wonderful trip back home – it feels good to have the sun on my skin and the blaring of cruise ship Cuban karaoke songs in my ears again.  I thought I’d share with you lovely lot today an incredible beach house here in Cayman, as featured in Inside Out Magazine recently.  It was designed by the geniuses at Design Studio – let’s just say that if we were staying here I would be begging them for a job on a daily basis – it literally took my breath away.

(Apols for the dodgy photos…)

(all credits: Inside Out Magazine)



  1. Johanna says:

    Totally unrelated to your post so sorry in advance BUT my family and I are wanting to take a Carribean trip with the babe…thinking about Cayman. Do you reco with an 8 month old? Tips, places to stay, etc?

    Clearly we should meet up!

    • Elly says:

      Hey Johanna! Did you get the article I sent over the other week? Would be happy to give you some other tips – let me know what kind of hotel etc you’re after. Maybe shoot me an email about it.

  2. annie says:

    Is that your house Elly? I like to think of you living somewhere like that.

    I can’t believe you have those cruise ships at the end of your garden, it must be so annoying!

    I like the bedroom, where the green bed throw references the palm tree. Oh, and that bath!!

    • Elly says:

      Err, no. I wish! Our place is lovely, but not that lovely…

      Yeh, it’s 8.31am and there are 3 enormous ones already loitering around 200 metres away – I’m kept fully up to date on a daily basis on the weather, drinks specials and cruise ship activities from the tannoy announcements. VERY ANNOYING!

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