Monday’s Masterpiece – oriental opulence

Good afternoon people, how are we doing today?  Good weekends all round I hope.  I had a fabulous time in Bath with my lovely ladies and have lived to tell the tale I am pleased to report (pics to follow later in the week!).

So with apols for the delay posting today due to my body working a little slower than usual post-partying, I thought I’d take a little lookee at the total freaking genius that is Anouska Hempel and her beautiful Blakes Hotel, where we were staying in London last week.


The reception area is exquisite – think moody blacks meet deep oranges, with plenty of bamboo screens, vintage trunks and iron birdcages floating about.

Add a few chinoiserie screens and clever mirror work, and you have one gorgeous restaurant and bar!

And every single one of the 41 rooms has its own unique design – from gorgeous light and floaty Med-style suites (do you see this fabric????!!!)…

…to incredibly opulent schemes full of luxurious reds, OTT canopies and more gilt than you can shake a stick at…

…via moody boudoirs with acres of black and oodles of chic accessories:

This is the room we had last week – loved the quirky manuscript wallpaper and the oriental four poster (and yes, that tub was insane):

And this is the other one we tried out – it was technically an upgrade but I didn’t actually rate it nearly as highly design-wise.  I did however love the range of greys in the scheme, and the quirky furniture illustrations were fun:

(all credits: Mr and Mrs Smith / Blakes Hotel)

Anouska’s residential projects have a similar aesthetic to Blakes, in terms of oriental accents and dramatic colour schemes:

(credits: Anouska Hempel Design)

But I’ve found this country house restaurant in her portfolio that’s a bit of a sideball – love the monochrome white and that mirror over the fireplace is just bonkers:

(credits: Anouska Hempel Design)

So what do you think?  Too intense for everyday life, or are you tempted to add some drama à la Hempel?!  I for one am looking forward to poking around Hong Kong antique shops hunting down some beauts!


    • Elly Hails says:

      Ditto ditto ditto, there’s something about bone inlay furniture that gets me every single time – I think it adds a gorgeous ethnic vibe to a room without being too OTT. Love it!

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh! Gorgeous hotel. That bath is astounding. I think you can do things in a hotel that are over the top that you’d never do at home and it’s okay. What you’d never live with forever (or even a year) might be okay for a few nights. I love opulent hotels.

    • Elly says:

      Couldn’t agree more Lauren, I’m finding myself more and more drawn to hotel/restaurant interior design for that exact reason. I kinda feel as if I should pick one little room in our future house and designate it ‘crazy design room’, so that I can get my fix without making the entire place unliveable!

  2. annie says:

    Wow I can’t believe you stayed in that room, it’s amazing! And yes, the upgraded one isn’t nearly as nice.

    Oh and look at all the lovely orange…

    • Elly says:

      Yah, the whole place was amazing. We nabbed all the toiletries when we left (naturally) and every time I use them I’m transported back to that bathroom. Love!

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