Monday’s Masterpiece – English country chic

Morning morning peeps and a very Happy New Year to you!  How’s 2012 treating you so far??

So I know it’s not technically a Monday but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to write about Kit Kemp, the British interior designer whose portfolio includes the gorgeous hotel, Number Sixteen, that we stayed at on New Year’s Eve.  For reasons that I don’t wish to discuss on le blog (kinda dull and not remotely related to armchairs or window treatments), we are lucky enough to be staying for free at a couple of insanely gorgeous boutique hotels for the duration of our stay back in London, (more on Blakes Hotel, where I am currently perched on a splendiferous oriental four poster, next week) and let’s just say I’ve been more inspired than I have been for a very long time in terms of interior design for the luxury property market.

Anyhoo, so back to Number Sixteen!  The South Ken location and Victorian white stucco terraced front is enough to make your knees start quivering, even before you set foot through the front door…

…and set eyes on the crazy gorgeous interiors jampacked with splashes of colour and an eclectic mixture of period style and contemporary furnishings.  Annoyingly I forgot to take pics while we were there, think I may sneak back today and take some – Kit included on the (AMAZING mustard-ikat-wallpapered) corridor walls a few framed pieces from the design process, such as the fabric/trim options for a group of armchairs.  I shall snap and post for you guys to see, the presentation was really unique.

Anyway, enough blabbing from me, see for yourselves:


(all credits: Firmdale Hotels)

Nice, huh?

And here are (too many, I know) a bunch of gorgeous images of her London townhouse, as featured in Elle Decor a while back.  I love the various styles she’s incorporated into the home, from a rustic kitchen that would look at home in deepest rural Provence, to a fun vibrant urbanite’s study, via an extremely English country master bedroom.

The unabashed use of clashing colours here is just fantastic, but is toned down by the neutral walls and floor:

And this statement Scandinavian mirror creates an awesome first impression in the hallway – get that front door too, just beautiful!

A touch of ethnic fabric goes a long way here:

As does a little bit of chintz in the sunroom!

LOVING the candle light fixture (see Restoration Hardware for similar), as well as the fun tea towel-upholstered armchair in the corner.

And the master bedroom just exudes classic rural England – it’s not my fave style, but I actually quite like it here:

And this toile-enveloped guest room is BANANAAAAAAS!

(all credits: Elle Decor)

So what do you think?  Too crazy and eclectic, or just your cup of tea?!


  1. annie says:

    Oh that’s all so lovely a fresh and spring-like. I love all those bright colours, makes me happy. Although people who colour arrange their books freak me out.
    Can’t believe you won’t tell us how you got to stay in those awesome hotels! Lucky you xx
    PS see you tmos!

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