2012 predictions

Pantone have recently revealed their 2012 Colour of the Year as ‘Tangerine Tango: a spirited reddish orange”.  Apart from Alistair helpfully pointing out that they could be describing me (err, thanks?) I have to say that I flipping LOVE it.

The first scheme that sprung to mind was this insane vignette by Windsor Smith that I happen to have not been able to fully get outta my brain for the last year or so:

And here are some of my other fave tangerine-hued piccies:

Thoughts?  Annie, I know you’ll be a Tangerine Tango fan!

See here, here and here for more ideas – you may end up painting your entire house l’orange.  You have been warned…

(credits: Patricia Gray, Windsor Smith, Belle Maison 23, Elle Decor, Palmer Weiss)


  1. annie says:

    Um I love orange. That kitchen is awesome! And my favourite Bond Street window display this year was Hermes. All that lovely orange leather!

    You should check out Erin’s sartorial tangerine tango post too. We could all buy a tangerine tango outfit and wear it in our new orange kitchens. That would make me happy.

    Also Richard made a tango ad in 2000 starring James Corden and it got banned for inciting bullying of fat people. Oops.

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