Cotswolds capers

You know how some people don’t reeeeally like visiting the inlaws?  Well I love it.  Not only am I about to happily stumble into the nicest new family of all time (very lucky, non?!), but I also absolutely love visiting the MacDonald clan as every trip we also get to check out the gorgeous Cotswolds and more open-fireplace-and-wooden-beam-bedecked interiors than you can shake a stick at.

Anyhoo, so I’m very much enjoying spending some time ‘up north’ right now, and here are some rustic inspiration piccies that I’m particularly loving:


And HERE is my rural design obsession of the moment, the fabulous Farmhouse Sink:

Come to mama!  What do you think?  Magnifique, oui?  Sorry, not sure why I’ve come over all française…

(all credits: pinterest)


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