Scandinavian sass – part 3

So as you read this I’ll be coming to the end of an extreeeemely long and uncomfortable cross-Atlantic flight (but will be back in Blighty, wahoo), so here is one I made earlier…

This Residence magazine was a real find you know (and, in fact, the magazine ‘Livet på landet’ they link through to), they have some good shizzle online.  Such as…the gorgeous festive home of some Swedish chick that I thought I would share with you today.  I’m not entirely sure who she is as my Swedish is not too hot (Nina, you reading this today?!) but she sure does have a nice home – I am hankering after those sheepskin-covered dining chairs in a MAJOR way.

(all credits: Livet på landet)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


  1. annie says:

    She’s a bit smug isn’t she? And those interiors give me the heebie jeebies. They’re too well arranged. Where’s my LLB post anyway?

    As always Elly, I’m in awe of your organisation and dedication to the blogging cause. So nice you didn’t want us to miss out when you were on the plane!

    Hope you landed safely and no delays. I’m catching up on three days of blog posts so my comments make no sense as I’m wishing you good flights when you’ve already landed!

    • Elly Hails says:

      Haha, very true – I would be too though if I had that house…

      LLB is on the way I promise, but his website is rubbish, I’m really struggling to find some decent images to use. It will be published soon!xx

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