Scandinavian sass – part 1

Morning morning!  So I had pretty mixed feedback on yesterday’s post featuring the gorgeous Scandinavian home of interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander – most people seem to have loved it but a few came to the conclusion that the blinding white floors and walls made the space feel a little too cold, and I have to say I can see their point.

I think this interiors style is fantastic in the summertime, with bright sunshine beaming through billowy drapes and illuminating the scheme, but in wintertime it would definitely be harder to make the place feel homely and warm, without purchasing a whole flock of sheepskin rugs and felling a forest for firewood.  Also, I think it would be difficult to make this a success somewhere like the UK, as we just don’t get enough (and bright enough) light in the summer to justify the acres of white.  However conversely it would be perfection somewhere like the Caribbean or a place with hot hot summers, as the white canvas would cool everything down nicely.  Anyhoo that’s my two cents, would be interested to hear your opinions!

Scandinavian design seems to fall into two categories, either the very ornate and traditional style with plenty of gilt and quite fussy furnishings, such as this bad boy…

…or a much more contemporary loft-y style with more modern fixtures and an open plan feel.  I have to say much prefer the latter so I’m going to take a closer look at this type today, apols if you’re a trad fan.

So anyway, go grab a cuppa and take a few minutes over these images, you won’t be sorry believe me!  Some of the pics are mahusive, but I’ve kept them so in order that you can appreciate zee beauty to its fullest.

(credits: Pinterest, Swedish Interior Design,, Residence,, Pia Ulin, Cia Wedin)

So what do you think folks?  Could it work in the country you’re from…?

Make sure you stop by for my how-to tomorrow!


  1. Lauren says:

    More A-frame ceilings! And I love all the white. I may need to repaint my living room (don’t tell my husband!). And I’m in the market for new dining chairs and these are KILLING me! Thanks for sharing.

    • Elly Hails says:

      Glad you like!! I think my (future) husband probably wouldn’t notice if I went in for a spot of covert painting – maybe you should try it and see if it works?! Good luck!

  2. annie says:

    felling a forest for firewood – what a lovely alliteration!

    um, I prefer the traditional one! eek, sorry. Although that kitchen is stunning.

    But all these make me think I’d have to stop drinking red wine in case I spill it and that’s NEVER going to happen!

    Like the tree coat stand too. They have those at Cowley Manor.

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