Sneak peek: Caribbean Living in the press (strike 3)

So I just noticed via my blog stats page that my piece for Living Abroad Magazine has just been published!  Please please excuse the dreadful hair (we were travelling for 10 days and all the luggage I was allowed was an eeny weeny rucksack – no space for hair-taming implements).  Lack of hair dryer aside, I’m quite pleased with how the piece turned out, even though they changed a bit of the copy…

Hope you like it!

Oh and ps. I just also noticed my holey top…oh dear, see here for the full (embarrassing) story.  Ahem.


  1. annie says:

    OMG Elly that’s made my jaw drop in envy! How amazing is your life? I can’t believe your daily routine, that’s so chilled out and glamorous. It sounds amazing over there and I want to go now! I love the sound of the gingerbread houses it sounds so pretty. And ach the weather. ‘Nuff said! Well done on the article, brilliantly written and really evokes a sense of what it must be like to be there x

  2. Laura Terry says:

    Well done you, that’s absolutely fantastic! I’m now even more jealous than I thought I was….. But two months today we’ll be joining you – can’t wait!!! X

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