Indigos galore

Something pretty fortuitous happened to me yesterday.  So for our wedding I originally planned to design my own ikat fabric and get it printed by Spoonflower, and then make all the table runners and napkins for le reception.  However a couple of months ago I decided that I was biting off a couple of full mouthfuls more than I could chew – my sewing skills leave a little to be desired (read: this was just never ever going to happen).

But…with the new big decision made to not have any fleurs at the reception (see last Friday’s post!) I’ve decided that we do really need some more colour on the tables and have revisited the sewing idea.  Unfortunately I’ve now left it too late to get my own ikat, but we’re heading to Washington DC this weekend to visit one of my future sisters-in-law Karen (and I’m SO excited to see her!) and I figured I’d have a look to see if there are any fabric shops there that could come up with the goods.

SO, to cut a long and slightly dull story short, it turns out that frigging Calico Corners, the amazing online fabric shop that have graced these pages probably 100 times, are located just outside Washington! AMAZING.  So I have an appointment to go see all their lovely wares first thing on Saturday morning, and I’m currently jumping around on my chair in excitement about it.

I think I’m going to go with an indigo ethnic-type fabric, like one of these beauts:

What do you reckon?


    • Elly Hails says:

      Yeh, that’s also my fave but sadly it’s the most pricey ($67/yard I think?). I’m sure they ship internationally – it’s primarily an online shop I think. I’m thinking of going with the top right one, although it’s a smidge too dark…we’ll see.

    • Elly Hails says:

      Hey Alena – thanks, yeh it was a wonderful weekend. DC is bonkers – all those incredible monuments and museums, and Georgetown is GORGEOUS. Very impressed with your hometown!

  1. Rachael (from pinterest) says:

    Hi Hailey – Have fun on your trip! Quick question for you – do you have any fabric stores you recommend in Cayman that have stock in store?

    • Elly Hails says:

      Hey Rachael – thanks, was a fab weekend!

      Nope sorry, there are no good fabric shops here that I’ve come across, or in fact any fabric shops at all. Think you’d have to head to Miami for that. Are you based here on island?

      • Rachael says:

        Hi Elly, Just seeing this follow up post – Yep – I’m here and quickly getting used to that fact for a lot of things (returned this year after living abroad for years). Also I noticed that I called you Hailey -sorry!! – I think I must have been combining your first and last names.

        • Elly Hails says:

          Ha, that’s okay don’t worry. It takes a while to get used to it, no? At least it’s a great excuse for a weekend in Miami I suppose… Actually, that’s quite a good business opportunity – someone should give IDG a run for their money!

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