Festive bling

So it’s suddenly come to my attention that we’re approaching Crimbo at quite a pace.  Our tree is up and glittering, we have carols bellowing out of the stereo every evening and there are more Christmas lights here in Cayman than I think in probably the whole of the British Isles, but I’m still not feeling massively festive I have to admit.  I think it might be to do with the fact that it’s 82 degrees and sunny today…

Anyhoo, so I’ve suddenly realised I need to find a bunch of Crimbo pressies for my family and friends and last night turned into a bit of an internet shopping Crazy Lady.  But during my ramblings I stumbled across these delightfully bling-tastic dining accessories from Liberty’s and ever so slightly fell in love – I thought I’d share them in case anyone is looking for something similar. 

Pretty, huh?  Or do you think they’re tacky?! I personally love ’em.


  1. annie says:

    They actually look a lot less tacky in real life. I know this because I saw them today, ha! There were piles and piles of them and they are really pretty 🙂

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