Basking in Bahia

I spent some time travelling around Latin America a long long time ago when I was young and sprightly (le sigh…), and was instantly transported back to the beautiful exotic Brazilian coastline when I came across this insane boutique hotel, the Uxua Casa Hotel.  It is the epitome of tropical rustic chic (I may have just made that term up…but you know what I mean, right?!) and I just can’t get enough of these images.

Hope they warm up your day! 

Err, yes please:

Yet again, my knees are significantly weakened by white netting and wooden beams…

The place is choccablock with quirky colourful accents and accessories:

And how awesome is this outdoor bathroom / log-tap?!

You just said ‘very awesome’ out loud, hey? 

Cool driftwood screen leading to a fantastic bright and breezy kitchen:

And a couple of bonkers lounge-y areas:

Lastly, is this or is this not the best method you’ve ever seen of hiding away the pesky TV?!

I’m not sure about the little guys to the side of it (!) but this trunk idea is frigging g.e.n.i.u.s.

If you’re tempted by a little trippo to Brazil, you should get in touch with my friend Eduardo and his travel company Brazil Expeditions, they’re fantastic!

Alrighty, over and out for now, have a fabulous day!


    • Elly Hails says:

      Cool huh?! I’m thinking if you had quite a deep custom shelving system you could plonk a couple of trunks at the height a TV would usually be and then open up the top one whenever you wanted to watch it. I’ve seen it done before (minus the TV) and it looked pretty good. I think my biggest hate in design is when big black shiny TVs ruin a gorgeous living room!

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